Related Links - Doug Sinclair's recreation of the premiere Tampa Bay Top 40 radio station 1380-AM WLCY.

WCIE - Celebrated 80s Lakeland, FL Christian station - Lots of photos - A Charlie Fernandez tribute site for Sarasota/Manatee County's Surf Row Radio 1280-AM WYND, playing the hits from the late 60s to the mid 70s.

Brock Whaley - "The Father of Underground Radio" in Tampa Bay - two hours of his last show on WFSO AM57 - Aug. 5 1977

Sarasota Radio & TV Memories Past & Present - Rich Marino's Facebook page.

Central Florida Radio - Bob Padilla's Central Florida Radio history site, on the Web since 2003. - Classic radio clips, pictures, video and more.

Radio - The world's largest broadcast discussion website, now owned by retired Florida radio/TV engineer Dr. Frank Berry. It's the place where broadcasters go to talk.

440: Satisfaction - Radio people database and deejays, news, sports, engineering, management, and support personnel by name, city or station.

National Radio Hall of Fame - Info on the history of radio and the people who helped to shape its history. - Tedd Webb, as heard weekday mornings on Newsradio 970 WFLA-AM Tampa Bay, features "Where Are They Now?" and "Radio Memorabilia" pages.

Radio-Locator - The most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet.

Power 93 The Power Pig - Brian Holmes' tribute to Tampa Bay's legendary WFLZ-FM..

Florida Radio Memories - Larry Flegle's Facebook radio page includes videos, photos, memorabilia, etc.

WKXY/Sarasota Tribute Station - Playing an eclectic mix of MUSIC from the 1950s through the 1980s with original station jingles (and more).

WFUN, WQAM and Other Great Miami Radio Stations - The name says it all.

WFUN Facebook Tribute Page - Miami's legendary Top 40 station

WFUN Tribute Website - Photos, airchecks, and more! - A tribute to Miami's Tiger Radio WQAM, one of the great Storz stations.

The Mighty 690 - WAPE - The Big Ape - An historical tribute site. - Don Capone's tribute site for y95, Tampa Bay's Home of Rock N Roll.

The History of WGUL, New Port Richey - Maintained by Jeff Miller, who worked there in the 1980s.

Oldies Radio U92 - The legendary Tampa Bay oldies station's World Wide Website - WKXY/Sarasota Hit Lists 1970 - 1979

Florida Broadcasting History - Dick Camnitz's Facebook group discussion page for Florida radio & TV broadcasters and a place to post photos from the good old days.

WKXY 930 - Sarasota's WKXY Facebook tribute page.

Glossary of Radio Terms - Exactly what it says it is.

Tampa Bay Broadcasting History - The name says it all.

Florida LPFM Radio Stations - Index of all Low Power FM radio stations in the state of Florida

Tampa Bay's Radio Royalty - Dedicated to Tampa's Jack Harris & Tedd Webb

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