Related Links - Doug Sinclair's recreation of the premiere Tampa Bay Top 40 radio station 1380-AM WLCY.

WCIE - Celebrated 80s Lakeland, FL Christian station - Lots of photos - A Charlie Fernandez tribute site for Sarasota/Manatee County's Surf Row Radio 1280-AM WYND, playing the hits from the late 60s to the mid 70s.

Brock Whaley - "The Father of Underground Radio" in Tampa Bay - two hours of his last show on WFSO AM57 - Aug. 5 1977

Sarasota Radio & TV Memories Past & Present - Rich Marino's Facebook page.

Central Florida Radio - Bob Padilla's Central Florida Radio history site, on the Web since 2003. - Classic radio clips, pictures, video and more.

The History of "Monitor" - It became the greatest show in network radio history, the forerunner of talk radio and one of the most-copied formats ever. Its creator, the brilliant NBC President Sylvester L. "Pat" Weaver Jr., described it as a "kaleidoscopic phantasmagoria." To the rest of us, it was simply, and wonderfully, "Monitor."

NBC Chimes - Detailed information about the famous three note chime that has been the long time trademark of NBC.

Radio - The world's largest broadcast discussion website, now owned by retired Florida radio/TV engineer Dr. Frank Berry. It's the place where broadcasters go to talk.

440: Satisfaction - Radio people database and deejays, news, sports, engineering, management, and support personnel by name, city or station.

National Radio Hall of Fame - Info on the history of radio and the people who helped to shape its history. - Tedd Webb, as heard weekday mornings on Newsradio 970 WFLA-AM Tampa Bay, features "Where Are They Now?" and "Radio Memorabilia" pages.

Nielsen Audio - The radio audience measurement people.

Radio-Locator - The most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet.

Power 93 The Power Pig - Brian Holmes' tribute to Tampa Bay's legendary WFLZ-FM..

Florida Radio Memories - Larry Flegle's Facebook radio page includes videos, photos, memorabilia, etc.

WKXY/Sarasota Tribute Station - Playing an eclectic mix of MUSIC from the 1950s through the 1980s with original station jingles (and more).

Tampa-St. Petersburg Broadcasting - Jeff Miller's Facebook page covering the Tampa Bay radio market.

Florida Low Power Radio Stations - A by-frequency compilation of Florida medium-wave (also known as AM or MW), shortwave broadcast feeder, Traveler's Information Stations (TIS), broadcast band FM (largely comprised of what most would consider pirate radio), and VHF band, along with other micro-broadcasters.

WFUN, WQAM and Other Great Miami Radio Stations - The name says it all.

WFUN Facebook Tribute Page - Miami's legendary Top 40 station

WFUN Tribute Website - Photos, airchecks, and more! - A tribute to Miami's Tiger Radio WQAM, one of the great Storz stations.

The Mighty 690 - WAPE - The Big Ape - An historical tribute site. - Don Capone's tribute site for y95, Tampa Bay's Home of Rock N Roll.

The History of WGUL, New Port Richey - Maintained by Jeff Miller, who worked there in the 1980s.

Oldies Radio U92 - Facebook tribute site to the legendary Tampa Bay station.

Oldies Radio U92 - The legendary Tampa Bay oldies station's World Wide Website - WKXY/Sarasota Hit Lists 1970 - 1979

Florida Broadcasting History - Dick Camnitz's Facebook group discussion page for Florida radio & TV broadcasters and a place to post photos from the good old days.

WKXY 930 - Sarasota's WKXY Facebook tribute page.

Glossary of Radio Terms - Exactly what it says it is.

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