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Dave McKay (WWBA)

Dave (David McElroy) attended schools in Tampa Bay and, following several years in the Air Force, began his radio career here in 1970 as an announcer with WILZ at St. Pete Beach. Other stops included WINQ (1971-72) as afternoon news director and talk show host, Clearwater’s WAZE (1972-73), and WQXM (1973-76) as program director. For nine years, he wore several hats (operations manager, program director and creative director) while working with St. Pete’s successful beautiful music WWBA AM & FM (1976-1985) and wrote the bulk of the stations’ commercials, promos and spec spots. He also hit other markets in his lengthy career like Seattle, Phoenix, Houston and Nashville.

Now semi-retired and living in Albuquerque, NM (2008), Dave and his wife, Helen, both love collecting Southwest art. He also maintains a small studio in his home for his freelance voice work and still continues to do some writing.

Station History

1970 - 1973 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)
1971 - 1972 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (News)
1973 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Program Director)
1976 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Production)

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