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Shayna Lance

Shayna is an honors graduate of the University of South Florida who began her career working with Tampa Bay radio and TV news icons Pat Brooks and Hugh Smith. She then went on to work with WOKV in Jacksonville to win eight Associated Press awards, including recognition in breaking news, investigative journalism, and individual achievement.

For over six years, she was part of 970 WFLA’s news team until leaving in 2006 to assume a news position with News Talk AM-820 WWBA. That gig ended when she was let go by Genesis Communications on October 1, 2010.

Shayna is impassioned about her community and has contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer work each year to causes like Krew of Libertia (which benefits local underprivileged children) and the Hillsborough Guardian Ad Litem organization. She has also been an audiobook narrator for Sarasota-based CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing.

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