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WXCR - A History

WXCR-FM 92.1 Safety HarborClassics 92 WXCR was Clearwater’s Classical Radio station, put on the air in 1983 by veteran Tampa Bay broadcaster Dan Johnson (Tampa Bay Concert Radio, Inc.). The station’s dial position was eventually bumped to 92.5 to decrease, if not eliminate, interference from country station WAMR-FM, also broadcasting on 92.1 from a tower north of Venice.

Johnson sold WXCR in 1989 to Entercom Communications which flipped it to an oldies format as U92 WYUU.

Other names in WXCR’s history include Don Kimberlin (engineering-1983), Ron Ogden (PD-1986), Robert Dean Wells (overnights 1985-86), Gene Bardo (chief engineer-1986), Paul Tappin (general sales manager-1986), Joy Katzen-Guthrie, Patricia Dominowski, Vicki Cozart Yarnal, and Bob Hughes (news director 1986).

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Station History

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