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Scott Walterman

Scott grew up in Miami and has been in broadcasting since high school. His first job there was with WCIX-TV in the mid 70’s. In 1976, he moved to Tampa Bay, landing his first radio station work at WDAE/WJYW. Over the next six years he put in time with WSUN and WPLP, too, before returning to his hometown in 1982 and joining WINZ and WIOD.

Other radio work followed, beginning in 1986, when he moved to the Big Apple and jobs with WOR Radio, the RKO Radio Networks, and ABC News.  He joined XM Satellite Radio in 2001 as Senior Director of News Programming, and went on to host “Morning Briefing” on its 24-hour, commercial-free POTUS ‘08 channel devoted to the 2008 Presidential campaign.
Scott was released from the company in November 2008 following XM’s merger with Sirius and continues to live in the Washington, DC area.

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