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WLVU AM & FM - A History

WLVU-AM 1470 Dunedin & WLVU-FM 106.3 Holiday – Pasco Pinellas Broadcasting (Arthur Arkelian, president) acquired  northern Tampa Bay stations WVTY AM & FM in 1985 from a trio of investors  that included radio engineer Gary Hess and Martin Spector, founder of Spec’s Music stores. The calls became WLVU AM & FM with its AM studios and tower at 2625 CR 95 in Palm Harbor, and the FM at 6214 Springer Drive in Port Richey.
The AM facility, with its 5kw daytime power (500 at night), was leased to two Greek brothers (Angelos and Sotirios Angelatos) who programmed to that community. The FM, a 6,000 watt class A facility, programmed adult contemporary before launching an adult standards vocals format in 1988 called All Vocals from Memory Lane, a somewhat younger version of Music of Your Life, targeting the 45 to 65 age group.
In late 1998, the FM boosted power to 50,000 watts by re-locating to 97.1 in a frequency-swap with Citrus County’s WXOF. 106.3 mHz was then re-licensed to Spring Hill and became WGUL-FM. Soon thereafter WLVU-FM on its new frequency was sold to Cox Radio and established as Oldies 97.1 WSUN-FM.
After the Angelatos brothers left WLVU-AM, the station did time brokering until it was sold in 1998 to Concord Media Group (Mark W. Jorgenson, president) and became gospel WTBL. But that’s not the last of the WLVU calls. In 2000, WTBL was acquired by Genesis Communications, which re-instated the previous call letters and switched the station to a financial format as Money/Talk Radio WLVU.

Other names from WLVU history include George Cohane (GM-1987), A.D. Cresoli (sales manager-1987), Skip Willis (PD-1987), Jeff Donovan (PD-1987), Paul Martin (chief engineer-1987), Tim McLaughlin (news director-1987), Bruce Bauscaugh (news director-1988), Tami Fitzpatrick (promotions-1988), Robert Schuster (chief engineer-1988), Frank Ferreri (GM-1992), Susan Campbell (sales manager-1993), Larry Pugliese (promotions-1993), Scott Miller (chief engineer-1993), Walter Solarz (operations manager-1993), Manny Dipena (PD-1994), Dale Smrekar (sales manager-1995), Kirk Mason (promotions-1995), Brian Moore (PD-1997), Mark Guthrie (chief engineer-1997), Johnny Williams (PD-1998), Dane Ayers (FM air personality), and Edie Blaire (co-host of the AM’s “Sunshine Polka Radio Show”).

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