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WRXB - A History

WRXB-AM 1590 St. Petersburg Beach – In 1976, St. Pete Beach’s WILZ became Rolyn Broadcasting’s WRXB (Rhythm X [and] Blues). The outlet was acquired in 1999 by Missouri-based Metropolitan Radio Group and, in 2007, by Polnet Communications, headquartered in Chicago.

The 5-kilowatt (1-kilowatt at night) station’s administrative offices are located in St. Petersburg at 3551 42nd Avenue South. Its three-tower transmitter site is off 38th Avenue South.

In November 2017 Polnet Communications pulled the plug on WRXB and placed the station up for sale. According to employees, the handwriting had been on the wall for several years as Polnet neither invested in the station nor provided staff with the necessary equipment needed to take it to a higher level. At the time it went silent, WRXB programmed an urban gospel format.

In May 2019, Tampa Radio, Inc. (Sam Rogatinsky, president) agreed to acquire WRXB from Polnet for $165,000. After FCC approval, the call letters changed to WTPA.

Other names from WRXB history include: Eugene Danzey (VP/GM 1976, and later president of Rolyn Broadcasting), Fred Lloyd (engineer 1976), Michael Danzey (sales manager-1979), Jim Murray (PD-1979), David Rogers (1979), John Phiel (chief engineer-1979), Jim Cram (chief engineer), Brian Holmes (1990’s), Dianne Hughes (mornings), Barry O’Neal (mid-days 1990), Ivan Summers (afternoons 1990), Rob Simone (nights 1990), Tony King, Lisa Lisa (mid-days 2001), Norma Miller, Adrian Williams (nights 2001), Dave Michaels (PD 2001), Larry Steele (PD 2002), “Jazzy Big Daddy” Wayne Facyson (nights 2004), Maurice Sebastian (PD 2008), Ed Edwards (Peteja) (GM 2008), Juanita Dials (operations manager 2008), and Richard C. Guess (morning show host 2010).

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