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WMTX - A History

WMTX-FM 100.7 Tampa – In 1999, Clear Channel took its Kiss 100.7 WAKS and re-branded it Mix 100.7 with the calls WMTX (We’re Tampa’s MiX [transposed]).

In January 2020, the 100,000 watt station shifted from a Hot AC format to a much more noticeably gold-based playlist from studios located with the Clear Channel cluster at 4002 W. Gandy Boulevard in Tampa.

Names from Mix 100.7 WMTX history include Mason Dixon (mornings), Nancy Alexander (mornings), Chris Randolph (mornings), Mike Jennings (late nights 1999), Sam Hallenback (film reporter 2000), Jeff Kapugi (operations 2000-2006), Carrie Kirkland (news 2000), Roger Schulman (news 2000),  Larry London (2000), Daisy Ash (2000), Bobby Rich (music director & afternoons 2000), Marti Ryan (mid-days 2003), Nikki Cruz (nights 2003), Mark Sebastian (weekends 2003), Amy Newman (nights 2005), Kristy Knight (afternoons 2005, later to nights), Dave Cash (2006), Rachel Pitts (executive producer 2007), Jeff Moore (mornings 2006), Mike Reeves (mornings 2007), Kurt Shriner (middays 2005, later to afternoons), and Mike Oliviero (director of marketing, publicity and promotions).

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