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WBTP - A History

WBTP-FM 95.7 Clearwater – Clear Channel took its adult contemporary Star 95.7 WSSR and flipped it to mainstream urban 95.7 The Beat WBTP (The Beat TamPa Bay) in late 2003.

The station is the area's first 100,000-watt FM radio station openly focused on black listeners, and is known as The Beat. It operates from offices and studios in the Clear Channel complex on Gandy Boulevard in Tampa.

Other names in WBTP history are Dan DiLoreto (GM), Jeff Kapugi (operations 2003-2006), Olivia Fox (mornings 2004-2006), Suge Avery (news director), Ron Shepard (a.k.a. PD and midday deejay Jomama Johnson 2003-2009), and Stu Robinson (music director/afternoons 2005-2009).

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Station History

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