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WFJO - A History

WFJO-FM 101.5 St. Petersburg – WFJO (Florida’s Jammin’ Oldies) was Jacor’s JO 101 from 1998 to 2001. Cox Radio acquired the station in 1999. Two years later it became WPOI 101.5 The POInt and changed to an all 80’s music format.

Some names from WFJO history include Jack Shell (production and weekend swing-1999), Bob O’Brien (1999), Rich Fields (1999), Randy Davis (mornings-1999), Nick Sanders (PD/mornings-2000), Gary Ballinger (1998-99), Jackie Daniels (music & mid-days-2000), and Howard Tuuri (GM-2001).

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Station History

1998 - 2001 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (History)

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