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Walt Marsicano

Walt grew up in South Florida after he and his family moved to the United States from Italy when he was three. He went on to graduate from Broward Community College (1975) and the Brown Institute for Broadcasting (1978) and, when he was 19, landed his first radio job at a station in Mobile, Alabama. In 1981, he moved to Tampa to do overnights at WDAE.

By the following year, he had grown tired of the graveyard shift and accepted a spot offered by PD George Hawras in the production department of sister station WYNF. When Cox Radio acquired WYNF’s studios and 94.9 frequency in 1993, he found himself out of work and accepted a job with WSHE in Ft. Lauderdale. In less than six months, though, he was back in Tampa working for Cox’s WWRM, which had moved from 107.3 into WYNF’s old 94.9 frequency. He became the company’s creative services director for all of the Tampa Bay Cox stations, and held the position until April 2009. At the same time, he did freelance work (2000-2008), reporting NHL Tampa Bay Lightning game summaries to various radio stations and sporting news organizations.

Today (2010), Walt runs his own Tampa voiceover business, Voiceovers by Walt.

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