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Seth Mela

Seth is a second generation Floridian, born in Lakeland, where he has lived his entire life, except for a few years in Montana and in the Orlando area. The Lakeland High School graduate earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of South Florida and, in 1999, immediately put it to use, opening MELA Professional Services, a financial consulting firm.

However, his life long desire was to be on the radio like his uncle, Graham Mela. ‘Cracker’ Graham as he was called, worked at Lakeland’s WONN in the 1950’s and was the station’s (and Lakeland’s) first, true, local radio celebrity.

Seth finally got his foot in the door in 2004 when a colleague invited him to be on a financial talk show that he hosted once a month on Auburndale’s WTWB. Once a month turned into a regular weekly appearance, and then an offer to host his own financial program. That eventually led station management to hire him to take over the morning show in 2007.

The following year, WTWB was sold and its programming switched to Spanish. All things considered, it was the best thing that could have happened, because it wasn’t very long until he was invited to join the cast of WLKF’s morning show, “Mayhem In the A.M.”

Seth remained with WLKF until the end of July 2012 when he left to join WSAU AM & FM in Wausau, Wisconsin.


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