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WIBQ - A History

WIBQ-AM 1220 Sarasota – Sarasota Broadcast Corporation’s (Edward A. “Ted” Rogers, president) WQSA-AM was acquired by Nova Broadcasting Company (Ronald E. Crider, Thomas McCoy, and Robert Weeks) in 2002 and became news/talk Sunny 1220 WIBQ. The directional one-kilowatt’s studios were originally housed at 1476 Main Street in Sarasota, and later in the Westfield Square Shopping Mall. Its transmitter/tower site, off Beneva Road and Bahia Vista, was a directional two-pattern two-tower array.

Early on, WIBQ was a USA Radio Network affiliate. In 2005, it joined the IBC Radio Network to air some of its offerings, including “Stock Talk Live” and “Talk Show America.”  

In 2006, Nova Broadcasting sold WIBQ to SRQ Radio, LLC, which had been LMAing the station with an option to buy, and the calls changed to WSRQ early the following year.

Names from WIBQ history include Mark Edgington (GM-2002), Bob Beirman (engineer-2004), Jim Grady (GM-2004), Scott Jacobson (GM-2005), and Doug Miles (host of “Suncoast Morning Magazine,” “Big Band Files,” and news/sports director/play-by-play 2004-2007).  

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