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WLFF - A History

WLFF-AM 680 St. Petersburg – From 1985 to 1991 WLFF was Life 680, St. Petersburg’s “Music Of Your Life” big band/nostalgia music station. It was owned by Century Broadcasting, which maintained studios and offices in the Koger Center off 4th Street North. The transmitter and tower were located nearby behind Derby Lane racetrack on Gandy Boulevard.

WLFF’s nostalgia music format was silenced in 1991 when Century sold it to ZGS Broadcasting of Tampa. The format flipped to Spanish and the station became Rhumba 680 WRMD. Eventually, the Koger studios were closed and the entire operation moved to Tampa.

Some names from WLFF history include Ted Wolfe (GM/sales mgr), Chuck Stevens (PD), Ed Gorman (chief engineer), Joseph Novello (music director), John Rowe (PD), Doug Miles (news, copywriter and host of a big band show), Michael Manning (copywriter), David Sharp, Daryl Tharin, and Evelyn Watts (business manager).

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