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WLCC - A History

WLCC-AM 760 Brandon – Spanish broadcaster Alfredo Alonso  (Mega Broadcasting, later renamed Mega Communications) acquired Brandon’s WBDN (which was in receivership) in 1996 for $1.75 million and flipped the mostly brokered business outlet to Spanish (Mega 760). Offices and studios were originally in the Feather Sound area of Clearwater, but were eventually moved to Tampa. The calls changed to WLCC (La ClassiCa) in 1999.

In 2008, Mega Communications donated WLCC to the Washington-based Minority Media & Telecommuni-
cations Council to train minorities and other socially disadvantaged people in the field of broadcasting.

Salem Communications added WLCC to its Tampa cluster in 2012, paying MMTC $1.15 million for the AM, and then flipping its format from Regional Mexican to Spanish Christian Radio Luz.

WLCC was acquired by Catholic radio operator Immaculate Heart Media from Salem in mid 2019. In December 2021, Salem Media announced that it is reacquiring WLCC from Immaculate Heart Media for $600,000.

Today (2019), WLCC operates from studios at 5211 W. Laurel Street in Tampa and a transmitter and tower site north of Brandon, between Taylor Road and N. Kingsway Road. AM-760’s two-pattern directional antenna system utilizes six towers, five during the day (10,000 watts) and four at night (1,000 watts).

Other names from WLCC history include Mauricio Grullon (manager-2001), Victor Ramirez (morning anchor of “Los Hijos de la Manana”-2003), Maria Elena Verdugo (GM), Michelle Kalanja (sales director-2007), Luis “El Vampiro” Briceno (PD/afternoons-2010), and Sonia Rhonelli (early afternoons-2010).

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