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WOKF - A History

WOKF-FM 95.7 Clearwater – Clearwater’s WTAN-FM, owned by Broadcast Enterprises Network Inc., flipped to a disco format in 1977 and became 96 Fever WOKF. Studios were in the same building as the AM on Clearwater Bay at 200 Pierce Boulevard.

In the summer of 1980, the 100,000 FM was acquired by Metroplex Communications (Norman Wain, president), and became adult contemporary 96 KX (96 Kicks) WCKX.

Names from WOKF history include Stan Raymond, Jr. (GM 1977-78), Frank Reid (chief engineer 1977-78), Bob Clark (PD 1977-78; assistant manager 1979-80), Bill Schricker (sales manager 1977-80; GM 1979-80), Greg Rogers (chief engineer-1979), Dennis Crandall (news director-1980), Jack Darcy (chief engineer-1980), Roshon Vance (PD-1980), Bob Logan (nights-1980), and David Strubbe (station manager).

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