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WILV - A History

WILV-FM 101.5 St. Petersburg – WILV had an interesting beginning. In 1997, Lakeland’s Carpenter's Home Church sold its Christian adult contemporary 91.1 WCIE to Paxson Broadcasting (Lowell “Bud” Paxson, president) for $5 million. Paxson swapped 91.1 for St. Pete’s 101.5 WKES, which was re-licensed to Lakeland and moved to 91.1, and launched a commercial station on 101.5 – Love 101.5 WILV.  

With its love songs format, WILV was a complete failure and its time on the air was only about a year (1997-1998). Paxson sold WILV to Jacor in 1998 and it became jammin’ oldies JO 101.5 WFJO.

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