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WOFN - A History

WOFN-AM 1490 Bradenton – Aires Broadcasting (Charles E. Hedstrom, president) took its one-kilowatt day, 250-night, AM-1490 WTRL and switched its calls to WOFN (One Four Nine) in 1983.

In the summer of 1984, WOFN was sold to Highlands Broadcasting Inc. (Al Moll, president), which reverted the station’s calls back to WTRL.

Other names from WOFN history include Ken Farnesworth (GM-1984), Don Coe (PD-1984), Mary Glass (promotions-1984), Jack Rust (news director-1984), and Ed Allen (chief engineer-1984).

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Station History

1983 - 1984 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (History)

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