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WJRB - A History

WJRB-AM 1490 Bradenton – Biscayne Broadcasting’s Classic Hits 1490 WKLV became Classic Hits WJRB (Cameron-Reese Broadcasting of Bradenton, Inc., Tony Lupo, president) in 1992. The one-kilowatt AM broadcasted from studios at the tower site on the Pier overlooking the Manatee River in Bradenton.

WJRB was in operation until December 1994 and then went silent. It remained off the air until  Skywave Broadcasting (Osvado Onoz, president) acquired it. The calls flipped briefly to WYMZ and then became adult standards WWPR in January 1995.

Other names from WJRB history include Grant Hudson (real name Jim Reese, GM 1992-94), Derrick Stevens (PD-1992), Rob Sanchez (music director-1992), David Belmondo (news director-1992), and David Renzi (chief engineer-1992).

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