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Bob Currie

Bob Currie joined WSUN-TV in the spring of 1961 as Bachelor Bob Collins, host of Channel 38’s teen dance party “Bandstand 38.” However, he was not the same Bob Collins as Lakeland native Buddy Lee, who used the same moniker at WALT and WLCY in the mid/late 60’s and went on to become a radio legend at Chicago’s WGN.

The Hillsborough High School graduate served in the Marine Corps before enrolling at the University of Tampa. It was while there that he broke into broadcasting at the university’s radio station, WTUN-FM, and served as its chief announcer in the late 50’s. After college, he worked at several Tampa Bay stations, including WALT, WZST, and WLCY, as well as WKKO in Cocoa and WDSR in Lake City.

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