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WFCE - A History

WFCE-FM 88.9 Tarpon SpringsFlorida Christian Educational Association (Bryant M. Nelson, president and GM) signed on Tarpon Springs’ WFCE in 1988 with a religious format. The 50-kilowatt FM’s tower site was located in Hudson between Houston Avenue and Gladwin Avenue, east of U.S. 19.

Bible Broadcasting Network, Inc. (Lowell C. Davey, president) acquired WFCE in 1989 and changed the calls to WYFE in 1991.

Other names in WFCE history include Jeff Tenney (PD-1989), John Pixton (chief engineer-1989), and Tom Hall (chief engineer-1990).

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Station History

1988 - 1989 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (History)

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