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Dave Banks

Dave Banks was from Chester, Pennsylvania and, for him, it was the opportunity of getting into ‘show business’ on a local level that attracted him to a career in broadcasting. Although he attended the University of Pennsylvania and tried a couple of different majors, he much preferred the idea of entertaining people on the radio.

His radio career began part-time in 1970 at a station in a Philadelphia suburb. Other gigs there included WSNI, WMGL, and WIP, Wilmington, Delaware’s WAMS, WAAY in Huntsville, Alabama, and WQYK-FM and WSUN-AM after moving to Tampa Bay in 1979. He returned to Wilmington in 1985 to handle the music, afternoons, and assistant PD chores for WJBR-FM, and then, thirteen years later, developed a second career in the automotive industry, working for the local BMW and Audi dealerships.

Dave passed away April 8, 2013 at his home in Middletown, Delaware after a courageous battle with prostate cancer.

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1979 - 1985 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)

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