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Don Brady

Don was better known as Jason, the original album rock deejay at Sarasota’s beautiful music WQSR-FM, and probably the one person most responsible for the launch of that station’s progressive rock format in the early/mid 70’s.

His show was called “Night Song,” a couple of hours of album rock music that actually leaned more on the mellow side than hard rock. Its popularity took off and, in a relatively short amount of time, more and more album rock hours were added to WQSR’s program schedule.

Soon, the FM was airing beautiful music during the daytime and AOR at night. Since 90% of the station’s billing was going into the AOR hours, management made the decision to drop the beautiful music and flip WQSR to progressive rock 24/7.

But it was Don Brady (Jason) and his modest two-hour progressive rock show “Night Song” that started it all.

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