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Al Cash

Al (Alvin G. Cash, Jr.) was from Staten Island, New York. After two years in the Navy, he was hitchhiking cross-country heading for home in December, 1941 when he was picked up by a driver who informed him Pearl Harbor had just been bombed. His reaction upon arriving back in New York was to join the Merchant Marines.

After the war, he put himself through broadcasting school and began making a respected name for himself in radio and on the local stage. In the middle of all that personal growth, the Korean conflict broke out, and he was called back to the Navy, ultimately committing to an additional two years of active duty.

Surviving yet another foreign war, Al returned to New York and re-launched his radio career, one that would take him through four states, New York, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida.

Once in the Sunshine State, he joined Kissimmee’s WRWB (PD) and then went on to work for Winter Haven’s WINT (PD-1958) and Cypress Gardens’ WGTO (1959) as the early morning sign-on man. Other moves included stints with WSIR in Winter Haven and Lakeland’s NBC affiliate, WLAK. When the demands of radio became greater than its rewards, he left the business and joined State Farm Insurance, staying with the company for some 20 years.

Al passed away at his Winter Haven home on June 19, 2011 at the age of 86.

Station History

1958 - 1959 Other Polk County Stations (On Air Personality)
1958 - 1959 Other Polk County Stations (Program Director)

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