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Chris James

Chris, the voice of the one-minute film review "Christopher at the Bijou" on Sarasota’s 102.5 FM WSRZ and WAVE back in the 80’s, simultaneously worked in sales and as a talk show host at Pinellas Park’s WPLP. Between 1983 and 1987, the years he produced “Bijou,” he also hosted "Dateline" on WPLP with Mary Turner, the future Mrs. Bob Lassiter.

James left Tampa Bay in 1987 to join the morning K-Zoo team at KZEW in Dallas, where his role grew into entertainment, political and general commentaries as well as the promotions director position. 

Station History

1983 - 1987 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)
1983 - 1987 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Sales)

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