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Jere Sullivan

Jere began his broadcasting career in his hometown of Philadelphia. His first real paying job was in the mailroom of WFIL AM-FM-TV in 1968. But it wasn’t long before he moved over to TV as a production staffer.

Next, he became a board op for the up and coming WFIL-FM. While spinning records, he learned all he could about radio programming and actual hands-on production. After the station was sold to Richer Communications and became W-102 WIOQ-FM, he became the overnight deejay. In 1973, he moved across town to WCAU as midday host C. Jonathan Morgan when the FM began playing disco.

In 1977, Jere accepted an offer to become music director and evening host at NBC’s WYNY-FM in New York. In 1980, he relocated to Miami where he programed adult standards WVCG and WYOR, news/talk/sports WIOD, contemporary 97A1A (1983), and oldies WMXJ (1987). He returned to Philadelphia as PD for WSNI-FM and WPGR-AM in 1988, before moving on to San Diego’s soft AC KJQY (1990), and then Miami’s WTPX (1993). From 1995 to 1997, he was VP/GM of Tampa Bay’s Brandon talker WBDN-AM 760.

His career also included roles in a couple of Hollywood movies, producing television programs in Philadelphia and Miami, and appearances in three episodes of NBC’s "Miami Vice."

Jere passed away in December 2008 after suffering his second heart attack. At the time of his death, he was the southeast region’s operations director for Traffic.com.

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