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Bob Haa

Bob enjoyed a radio career that spanned almost 50 years. Although many of them were spent on the air, he also enjoyed a period of station ownership in the late 70’s and early 80’s (WKLN-FM) in Cullman, Alabama.

The St. Marys, Maryland native sold his interest in the station in 1982 and moved to Brooksville, FL the following year, wanting to do talk radio. At that time, WWJB, the local station, played mostly country music. It was also at a time when talk radio was just beginning to move from a discussion-oriented format to one that was more topic-driven.

In 1990, WWJB GM Steve Manuel hired Haa (pronounced HAY) and gave him free rein on a weekday talk show (appropriately titled “Haa-Wire”) and has said since that it was a move he never regretted.

Bob passed away Oct. 28, 2013 at the age of 65, believed to be due to cardiac and respiratory health issues. The next day, WWJB’s phones lit up with callers remembering the man who stood up for his beliefs and played watchdog to their interests, especially when it came to local government. While listeners may not have always agreed with him, they always knew where he stood on any issue.

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