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Jack Shaw

Jack worked in Polk County radio in the mid 1960’s - in 1964 at WSIR and in 1965 at WINT. Other Florida stations included WPDQ in Jacksonville, WWKE in Ocala, and WGGG in Gainesville.

In the late 1960’s, Jack moved to Shreveport’s KEEL, followed by WFUN in Miami, WSAI in Cincinnati, WORD in Greenville, South Carolina, KXYZ in Houston, WKZL in Greensboro, North Carolina, and WBCS in Milwaukee.

Jack has also served as an Alderman on the Brookfield (a suburb of Milwaukee) city council and in 1985 was elected to the National Board of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

After many years in the radio business doing everything from being an on-air personality, program director, production director, and in sales, he got into freelance voice-over work in Milwaukee and Chicago area.

Station History

1964 - 1965 Other Polk County Stations (On Air Personality)

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