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Bob Prescott

Bob was originally from Indianapolis. When his four years in the Navy were up he attended radio and TV announcing school and studied acting in New York where he appeared in a couple of off-Broadway plays. He got his first radio job in 1957, part-time evening work at Indianapolis’ WGEE. The next year he moved to Florida and took a deejay position with Winter Haven’s WSIR.

After leaving the business in 1962 to pursue sales in other areas, he returned to radio before the end of the decade as an account executive for WREY in New Albany, Indiana. Following an afternoon drive and sales stint at WQXL in Columbia, South Carolina from 1970 to 1973, he went into real estate and later started his own construction and roofing business.

Today (2005), Bob is retired and lives in Orlando.


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1958 - 1959 Other Polk County Stations (On Air Personality)

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