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Dean Hanna

Dean’s first radio job was at WBLF in Bellefonte, PA after leaving the Washington, D.C. School of Broadcasting in 1968. In 1969 he began the first of 15 years with WBPZ-AM and WCNM-FM in Lock Haven, PA. He was simply one of the announcers when he was hired on there, but by the time he left to move to Florida in 1984, he was Program Director.

It turned out to be a good move for Dean. He landed a gig as Program Director on Lakeland’s Lite Rock WLKF, first in morning drive, then mid-days for a short time, and finally back again to mornings. When WLKF dropped its music format and live announcers in 1987, he moved over to sister station WEZY-FM to do the graveyard shift. During the day, he went back to school and studied computers. Good thing, too, because in 1992, Root Communications, owners of the combo decided they would also automate the FM, and that move left him without a job. He eventually put his newly acquired computer knowledge to good use and became an internet sales manager for the automobile/recreational vehicle industry in 1994.

Dean left Florida in 2002 and moved to Georgia and today (2005) works for a subcontractor for the automobile industry. He says he’d like to get back into radio, but this time, as an amateur radio (ham) operator.

Station History

1984 - 1987 WLKF-AM 1430 - Lakeland (Program Director)
1984 - 1987 WLKF-AM 1430 - Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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