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Jeni Taylor

Jeni finished high school in Texas and attended Alvin Community College in Houston where she received her Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radio Broadcasting.

The Lakeland native started her career part-time at WPCV in 1997 and moved to full-time on the 7 to midnight shift the following year. A switch from nights to middays and an appointment as WPCV’s music director came in 2001 followed by yet another promotion to APD in 2007. 

After a 24-year run, her entire radio career thus far, Jeni exited her position at Hall Communications' WPCV in May 2021.

Station History

1997 - 2021 WPCV-FM 97.5 - Winter Haven (On Air Personality)
2001 - 2021 WPCV-FM 97.5 - Winter Haven (Music Director)
2007 - 2021 WPCV-FM 97.5 - Winter Haven (Programming)

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