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Bruce Parker

A native of Florence, South Carolina, Bruce attended Burton College’s Carolina School of Broadcasting in Charlotte before moving to Winter Haven in 1958. His involvement in broadcasting began two years later when he bought an interest in WINT-AM with Angelo Fazzari. In 1963 the pair built Winter Haven and Polk County’s first FM operation, WINT-FM, as a sister-station to the AM, 

In 1964, Winter Haven Broadcasting principals Doug Montgomery and Don Lamerson bought the AM, and a year later, Bruce bought Fazzari’s interest in the FM and changed the calls to WXKL. The Huntings, a Michigan furniture manufacturing family who headed Recreation Broadcasting, bought the station in 1969, and for the next six years Bruce worked as Sales Manager for WZNG (which originally was WINT-AM).

Since 1975 Bruce has been involved in property management and investment. He’s also been active in local politics and is a former Commissioner/Mayor of Winter Haven and Polk County Commissioner. He’s been a President of the Winter Haven Jaycees and Vice President of the Optimist Club, and was honored as Man of the Year for his distinguished community service by the Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce and the Jaycees. 

Today (2006) Bruce is semi-retired and continues to live in Winter Haven.

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