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Wes Belisle

Like many deejays, Wes started in the business while still in high school. In his case, he also picked up some sales experience. Beginning at WHAN in Haines City in 1961, he pulled airshifts and did some local sales for almost three years before graduating from Haines City High School in 1964. From there it was on to a similar position at WINT-FM in Winter Haven until Uncle Sam came knocking in 1965.

Following his discharge from the Army in late 1967, Wes returned to Polk County radio at WIPC in Lake Wales in an on-air/sales position.  In 1969 he left radio altogether to pursue other interests, but returned in 1974 and began a five-year stint at WGTO doing on-air work and news. During part of his time at WGTO, he was also working as an announcer and Assistant Manager over at WHAN. For a little over a year, he was Station Manager of WAPR in Avon Park, but in September of 1980 he was back at WIPC where he spent the next eight years on the air and serving as the station’s News Director.

Wes already had some college earlier in his radio career. He graduated from Polk Community College in 1971, attended the University of Florida from 1972-1974, and graduated from Florida Southern College in 1980. He also attended Florida State and the University of South Florida to pick up some courses in advanced agriculture, economics, and science.

In 1981, Wes began to serve his community outside of radio. With his background in the business, he was a natural to teach classes in radio and television at Warner Southern College in Lake Wales. He also gave of his time in various capacities at his alma mater, Haines City High School, and at Ridge Vo-Tech and Polk Community College in Winter Haven.

Today (2005), Wes works at the family business, Belisle Nursery in Winter Haven, serves as a Scout leader (since 1974), and ministers to the youth of his church.                                                             

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