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Mark Williams

Mark is from Attleboro, Massachusetts and began his radio career in 1973 by starting a radio station at the high school there. His first commercial job in the business was in sales. From there, he advanced to an over night talk show and then to an executive producer’s position with Boston's WRKO-AM. He arrived at KFBK-AM Sacramento in 2000 after earlier on-air stints with KFBK-AM/San Diego, CA, WFLA-AM/Tampa Bay (then the station’s token liberal nighttime talk-show host 1993-94), WHIO/Dayton, OH and WGY/Schenectady, NY.

In 2005, he and his wife, producer Holly Williams, traveled to Iraq to broadcast shows from various locations around Baghdad, for which each were awarded the Associated Press Radio and Television Association’s Mark Twain Award.

Today (2014), Williams is an American conservative activist and author (“It's Not Right Versus Left, It's Right Versus Wrong,” “Exposing the Socialist Agenda,” and “Taking Back America One Tea Party At a Time”) based in Sacramento, CA. As spokesman for the Tea Party Express and 2010 nominee for Time Magazine’s Person Of the Year, he is a frequent guest on the cable TV news channels and has also been a guest host on radio stations nationally.

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1993 - 1994 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)

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