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Ron O'Quinn

Ron began his radio career at WMGA in Moultrie, Georgia at the age of 16. In the 1960’s he pulled stints at WROD in Daytona Beach and, while in Tampa Bay at WLCY, went by the moniker Jack E. Rabbitt. Moving on to Miami’s WFUN, he was known on the air as Jack Armstrong.

In 1966 Ron was also the senior deejay at pirate station “Swinging Radio England” and worked along side two former Georgia hometown buddies Larry Dean and Jerry Smithwick. That summer when the Beatles toured the United States, he went along to make reports back to the station on all the happenings. Although Swinging Radio England certainly had supporters, it didn’t take long to develop financial trouble when it failed to capture a large enough audience.

After the tour ended Ron encountered immigration problems upon entering the UK and decided to return to the states where he resumed his career at WUBE in Cincinnati. Today (2007) he’s retired from radio and works for a communications company.


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