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Rock Robbins

In the mid 50’s, when he was still in his teens, Brooklyn native Robert Bernstein moved to Tampa Bay with his family and got his first radio job at WPKM. Then Program Director Bob Walters at WALT Radio hired him to do a two-hour Sunday morning music show (as “Robert B., the Double B”) and run the board for live church programming. In 1958, WALT switched to Top 40 and the young deejay was christened with the name Rock Robbins by new PD Roy Nilson. After a short stint with WINQ in 1960, he re-joined ex-WALT team mates Dave Archard and Nilson on the other side of the bay at WLCY.

Rock left Tampa Bay in 1963 for Miami to do overnights for Bob Gordon, then the PD at WFUN. That gig led to music director duties at WCPO in Cincinnati and then mornings at WHB in Kansas City. Hearing of a pending opening at WKNR in Detroit, he sent out three audition tapes before finally being hired, and then dumped the “Rock Robbins” moniker and began using the name Scott Regen - the first name selected because he liked it, and the last name from a random pick out of the telephone book. Later job stops in Detroit would include CKLW, WCAR and WDRQ.

By 2003 Rock Robbins was out of radio, but still doing occasional voice-over work.


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