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Harvey Sheldon

Harvey replaced Marshall Cleaver as host of WLCY’s “Open Mike” phone-in talk show in 1966 when Cleaver left to anchor the news at Channel 10. After WLCY, he worked briefly with WILZ before moving to a station up north. In the mid to late 80’s, he returned to Tampa Bay for short stints with WPLP and WRFA.

The Philadelphia native is credited with inventing “The Bunny Hop” dance craze in the early 1950’s and helped create the teen “Bandstand” show concept at WFIL-TV in 1952 which later became “American Bandstand.” He owned two FM’s and a TV outlet in the 1960’s and, in 1969 and 1970, was a columnist for the Tampa Tribune.

Today (2007), Harvey is founder and president of the Emmis Foundation, an organization that preserves Jewish-American music history, and travels on the speakers circuit on its behalf.



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