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Charlie Brown

Charlie “Rock & Roll” Brown (Carl Troxell) was from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and came to Tampa around 1965 from WHAP in Hopewell, Virginia. Although most remembered for his rapid-fire deejay work in afternoon drive on WALT, he moved to WWBA in 1970. In 1972, he joined WLCY and spent a couple of years there as PD and doing mornings. After that, he headed for KMOX in St. Louis.

Always a strong backer of local talent, Charlie saw potential in Ocala’s Royal Guardsmen after seeing them at an area concert. He introduced them to Tampa record producer Phil Gernhard who signed the group with Laurie Records in 1966.

Station History

1965 - 1974 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)
1965 - 1970 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Program Director)
1972 - 1974 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Program Director)

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