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Marv Rothschild

Marv was a deejay doing a night-time dedications and requests show on WATR in Waterford, CT in the 1950’s when he created an outlandish character for his show called “Rocky, the Outer Space Disc Jockey.” The character became such a huge hit that he often made guest appearances around the area to the delight of screaming teens that would crowd around.  

After leaving Waterford, he spent a couple years in Orlando at WLOF and WHOO as general sales manager and, in 1959, bought Cocoa daytimer WKKO AM-860. His years with Kayo (as it was called back then) were successful ones and the station stayed #1 for years. In addition to running the day-to-day operation of the radio station, he was also a news anchor for the audio division of United Press International and covered space shots for them at the Cape.

In 1967 Marv left his brother in charge of WKKO and returned to the airwaves at Big WAYS in Charlotte to do news for friend Jack Gale who was hosting morning drive there. After that, he drifted back into management as vice-president and GM of Stan Kaplan’s (Sis Broadcasting) WAPE The Mighty 690 in Jacksonville.

He sold WKKO to Ted Eiland in 1970, and went on to manage Coastline Communications, a division of Jacksonville’s newspaper, the Times-Union, putting commercials on CNN, ESPN, and MTV in the Jacksonville market.

Marv retired in 1993 and today (2007) lives in Boynton Beach, FL.

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