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J.D. Richards

J.D. (Rich Dorton) worked at Life 91 WCIE in 1993 and hosted three two-hour shows on Saturday night, which the station called Living Water Productions – “Club 91,” geared around current Hip-Hop and dance music popular in the Christian music industry from 8 to 10PM, “Radio Meltdown” from 10 to midnight, featuring alternative and up-and-coming artists and music, and “The Anvil,” a Christian/arena rock and metal show, from midnight until 2 AM.

Listening to the shows sounded as if one had stepped into the backroom of a Christian coffee house with best friends acting nutty and cracking one-liners with each other. J.D., supported in the studio by friends from Southeastern Bible College, played the music, took off-the-air calls from listeners for prayer requests, and often discussed how certain passages of scripture would help a person get through the week. Listeners often banded together to have “Anvil parties” which involved short Bible studies, prayer and, of course, listening to the show.

JD’s on-air friends were known as the Looney Tunes and included Joel Smith (Jughead), Scott Finley (MacGruff), David (Pizza Man), Jay (Scarecrow), John (Cooter), James Woodrich (Colt), John Beckwith (Taz), and Matt McKinney (Matt-Man). Through it all he says, “We were trying to meet a need.”

Station History

1993 - 1993 WCIE-FM 91.3 Lakeland (On Air Personality)

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