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Hank Shaw

One of the last warm bodies to work overnights in Tampa Bay radio, Hank (Henry Struzik) was “let go” by WQYK in December 2009 after over 20 years with the station. He was previously with WDAE (from 1981 to 1986 as the national music director for the station’s Primetime music syndication service) and WSUN.

Hank was also a musician – a drummer – and has played with a number of local bands, including The Ocean Road Band and his own group – The Hank Shaw Band. Although his job required him to play country, his personal passion was for the music of the big bands.

Station History

1981 - 1986 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (Music Director)
1987 - 2009 Other Tampa Bay Area Stations (On Air Personality)

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