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WTPA - A History

WTPA-AM 1590 Palm River-Clair Mel – In May, 2019, Tampa Radio, Inc. (Sam Rogatinsky, president) agreed to acquire St. Petersburg Beach’s directional 5kw day and 1kw night WRXB from Polnet Communications for $165,000. This led to a change in call letters to WTPA and a change in the station’s city of license to Palm River-Clair Mel. 

The FCC granted Tampa Radio a CP to diplex WTPA on one of the WQBN AM-1300 towers at 5207 E. Washington Street in Tampa and relocate its offices and studios to 11700 N. 58th Street, off E. Fowler Avenue.

WTPA is a 24-hour radio station serving the Tampa-St. Petersburg area’s Haitian American community.

(Please contact us if you have additional information to share about WTPA.)

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