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Larry Flegle

Although he was a 15-year old preacher’s son, Larry loved rock and roll. In 1964, he landed his first radio job (as “Larry Vee”) with Arcadia’s WAPG doing the afternoon Top 40 show. The following summer, his had dad accepted the pastorate of a church in Dundee (FL), and he found himself having to look for radio work closer to home. Luckily, he came upon an immediate opening at WHAN in Haines City – again spinning rock and roll each afternoon. He remained there until early 1967 and, after a few months playing country music in the mid-day slot at WIPC in Lake Wales, moved to Winter Haven’s WSIR to run the evening show, “Nightbeat with Larry Vee.”

Everything was going great until he received a letter from Selective Service in July 1968 that brought a temporary end to his deejay work. He spent four years in the Navy, and then returned home to begin a degree program in broadcasting at the University of South Florida. While in Tampa, he resumed his deejay work and became “Larry Michaels” on overnights with WQYK in the spring of 1973. His love for radio continued and led him to co-own WBTG-FM in Sheffield, AL some years later and, in 2011, serve on the air with WPCG-FM in Canton, GA.

A few years later, Flegle ran classic rock AMU (Internet) Radio for American Military University in Charles Town, WV, and was heard on 20 stations announcing daily weather for RFN (Radio Forecast Network). He was also a college professor and owner/GM of 93.1 WUCG-LP in Blairsville, GA where he hosted a live weekday morning show.

Larry passed away in December 2019 at age 71.

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