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WQXM - A History

WQXM-AM 1460 Bartow – Florida Broadcasting Media LLC (Armando Gutierrez, president/GM) acquired former Bartow country and bluegrass station WBAR from Bartow Broadcasting Co., Inc. (Harvey and Judy Fay Morts) in 2003 and flipped it to a Spanish format. In late September 2004, the call letters briefly became WRMX, but were switched to WQXM (La Loca) less than two weeks later. The station operates from offices and studios at the tower site on North Maple Avenue in Bartow.

Originally a non-directional one-kilowatter (155-watts at night), WQXM was granted an FCC construction permit in October 2009 for a second tower to boost daytime power to 10,000 watts using a directional antenna pattern.

Today (2020), WQXM is branded La X 1460 and airs a Spanish variety format. 

In December 2020, Florida Broadcast Media LLC sold WQXM to DRC Broadcasting, Inc. (Daniel De La Rosa, president) for $550,000 and the station was rebranded Ritmo 99.9.

Other names from WQXM history include Osvaldo Vega (operations/PD 2004/president of Florida Broadcasting Media LLC 2009), Bill McCleary (chief engineer 2004), Nelson Horta (news/sales 2005), Robert Mercado (production director/morning show talent/producer 2005-2006; GM/sales 2006-2008), Karina Rodriguez (afternoons/sales 2006), Von Rommell Fernandes (sales 2009), Jorge Guevara (mornings/sales 2010), and Carlos Alvarado (host of Saturday’s “The Flea Market” buy-sell-trade swap shop show/sales 2010).

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