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Bill Davis

Bill began his radio career as a high school senior in 1966 when he convinced Duane McConnell, owner of Lakeland’s WONN, to schedule a half hour each Sunday night for the Key Club of Lakeland High School. McConnell agreed, under the provision that he (Davis) produce the shows and be responsible for their content.

Following graduation, when classes began at Polk Junior College, he was given the college radio show on Winter Haven’s WSIR based on his WONN experience. At the Winter Haven station, the evening host of “Nightbeat,” Gene Mullen, expressed his dislike of rock music and asked Davis if he would like to take over the show. When he agreed, WSIR owner Larry Rollins hired him to run the show, which he did for a year and a half through 1967-68.

After short stints at WBAR in Bartow and WPLA in Plant City, Davis transferred to a college in South Florida, landing gigs with Palm Beach’s WMUM/WQXT and WBUS-FM in Miami Beach. In 1973, he returned to Lakeland and worked briefly again at WONN before being hired by TelePrompter, the cable TV station headquartered in the basement of WONN’s Lime Street studios. From that point on, his work would be in television.

In 1975, Bill moved to New York City, directing music videos and working for ABC News with Peter Jennings. Today (2011) he produces and writes documentary films in Manhattan.

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