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Jim Sweeney
Jeff Thornburg
Tom Thornburg
Tony Verity
Jacki West
Reba Zoellner

WBF Shopper

The WBF Shopper is perhaps the most popular program on WWBF Oldies 1130 in Bartow. It’s a live on-air swap shop hosted by the station’s engineer, Jeff Thornburg, weekday mornings from 9 to 10 and on Saturdays by his dad, Tom.

The program has been on the station for over twenty years and has garnered listeners from all over Polk County and beyond. Folks call the station and are put on the air live to tell other listeners what they want to buy, sell or trade. They describe their items and give a phone number so interested parties can call. It’s simple, free, and extremely effective, and it’s the only program of its kind in Polk County and one of only a handful in Central Florida.

Station History

1984 - 2005 Other Polk County Stations (Featured Program)

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