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The following staff worked at the station during the program's run.

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Cactus Ken
Don Lamerson
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Dan O'Day
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Bruce Parker
Joe Penny
Bob Prescott
Norman Protsman
Jay Rich
Larry Rollins
Lloyd Scott, Jr.
Jim Sebesta
Allen Shaw
Jack Shaw
Ken Shroyer
Bill Sigler
Arnold Silvert
Tom Thornburg
Jacki West
Buck Williams
Dave Wright
Lindsey Yates
Reba Zoellner

Florida Citrus Mutual Calling

Florida Citrus Mutual Calling was a weekly public service program produced from 1958 to 1979 by Florida Citrus Mutual. The 15-minute program, cut to five minutes in length by the 1970’s, dealt with issues and news of interest to the organization’s member growers and was hosted by Frank Nesbitt, Tom Osborne, Don Farmer, and Earl Wells during its 21-year run.

Mutual initially taped the shows at Lakeland’s WLAK but eventually purchased its own recording equipment and recorded them at its downtown Lakeland headquarters. The tapes were then mailed to stations in the citrus growing areas of the state which usually aired them on the weekends.

Station History

1958 - 1979 Other Polk County Stations (Featured Program)

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