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Arnold Silvert

Although he had an early desire to study law, Arnold started out managing a movie theater before finding his way into the radio business in the late 1930’s. After World War II, he returned to radio and became PD, sales manager and station manager at WHTN in Huntington, WV. In the 1950’s he was general manager of WSIP in Paintsville, KY and acquired the station in 1956. He was also a partner with his brother, Mike Layman, in WSSC in Somerset, KY.

In 1960, when health requirements demanded a warmer climate, he moved to Polk County and settled in Winter Haven after answering an trade magazine ad for a station manager at WSIR. He eventually bought into the business and became a co-owner with station founder Larry Rollins.

Arnold sold his interest in WSIR in 1967 and then formed a partnership with Bud Kurtz to put up Lakeland’s 94.1 WVFM. By the early 70’s, he was wanting to devote more of his energies to his real estate business and got out of radio, selling his part in the FM to Duane McConnell and Herb Todd.

In the years since then, he remained active in area civic affairs and served as president of the Winter Haven Rotary Club, the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Region United Way, the Winter Haven Board of Realtors, and Christian Family and Youth Services.

After Anna Ruth, his wife of 63 years, passed away, Arnold moved to North Augusta, SC to be near family and passed away there on September 3rd, 2012 at the age of 91.

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