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BJ Nielsen

BJ was General Manager of Winter Haven’s WHNR in the early 1990’s and stayed with the station until it shut down in early 1995. She brought with her an infectious intensity and energy level that soon rubbed off on everybody on the staff. She was full of ideas and dedicated to making WHNR a success.

When station owner George Allen threatened to shut the station down, BJ got together a group of veteran radio partners and tried to buy the operation. However, a price could not be negotiated and Allen made good on his promise and took WHNR off the air on January 31, 1995. It remained silent until Frankie Grover bought it.

Today (2006) BJ is General Manager of WMGA Magic 97.9 in Huntington, WV.  She was previously with Renda Broadcasting in Daytona Beach.

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