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Mike Helminski

Mike Helminski got his start in radio in 1962 at the age of 15 and worked through much of the first half of the 60’s with Lakeland’s WYSE, WONN and WVFM, Winter Haven’s WINT, and WALT in Tampa (as Johnny Angel in 1965). In 1967, he began a second stint with WINT – this time as program and music director – and a new on-air name, Michael Jay, which he would carry with him to WWKE Ocala, WBIL Leesburg, and the remainder of this radio career.

Except for a brief period with WIVY-FM in Jacksonville, Mike spent the 70’s along Central Florida’s east coast – Daytona’s WROD, WMFJ, WDAT (as PD and music director), and Q102 WDOQ.   He left the area in 1981 and spent five years with WNVZ Norfolk/Virginia Beach and Doubleday Broadcasting’s WAPP “New York’s APPle.”  In 1986, he was back in Central Florida at Orlando’s Y106 WHLY. During his time there, he became “the voice” for ABC Liquors in Florida. At the time, the company was a heavy advertiser and it wasn’t uncommon for his commercials to run on some 65 stations each week.

Mike closed out his radio career in 1989 to pursue other interests and today (2008) lives in Deltona, Florida. 


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